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Aberdour Cultural Association
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Aberdour Deaths

information from mortcloth and lair records, old parish registers and memorial inscriptions

This document has been prepared as a pdf file using material contained in a large notebook of the same title that has been in the possession of Mr Gordon Thomson (Aberdour Postmaster 1999 - 2015). The original notebook was complied from various sources by Marjorie Stewart.

In 2014 it was decided that it would be useful to have a digital copy of this information so that it could be made freely available to future researchers. To this end, Gordon and his wife Hazel very kindly volunteered to scan each page of the notebook. The scanned images have been "reassembled" in their original order into a single document and the original page numbering has been retained.

Link to pdf file

From this page, you can download a pdf file containing Aberdour death records. Please be patient, it's a large file (155 pages). If you have any problems with downloading the file, please contact us.



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